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Evidence Based

Skill Centered

For the Women over Forty Who Are Ready For Food Freedom and Active Living...


Hi!  I'm Hillari.

My first diet was at 19. My last diet was at 39.

I spent two decades starting over and never quite knowing why I couldn't stick to a diet.

I got burned out. I wanted something better. I knew there had to be a way to eat the foods I loved, and live the life I wanted without always answering to an app or a meal plan. During the past ten years I've researched, studied, experimented and learned until I found the solution I was looking for.

I'm 43 now. I have maintained my weight without dieting for going on six years, and I've never felt better. I became a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and I created this program to help women like you who are still struggling to find peace with food and themselves.

Would you like to cut to the heart of what works and let go of counting, tracking, obsession, shame, and self-sabotage?

I can show you how.

Same outfit, almost 3 years to the day. 


  • Align their health values with their health habits and build a foundation for long-term success.


  • Eat for weight control and good health without obsession, fear, or food anxiety.

  • Live an active, meaningful life and feel good in their bodies.​

  • Find a kind of food freedom and a path to success that they didn't know was possible.



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You are

More than a Number...

You are more than the number the on the scale,

a dress size, a calorie goal, or an age. 


These numbers do not define who you are as a person.

You CAN get results without losing yourself along the way.

It's time to go beyond the numbers.


A coach is there to teach you proven, evidence based strategies that get results and give you the support, guidance and accountability you need to keep going.


You are the only person with the power to change your life. A personal coach can help you unlock your potential and keep things in perspective so you can stay focused and get results.


Partnering with a coach will help you build on what you already know and benefit from the perspective of a guide who has been there, done that, successfully.  

  • A Personal Coach provides direction, guidance, education, support and accountability to help you reach your goals and Grow as a Person.


  • From the comfort and privacy of your own home, you will discover how to Get Results without the need for extreme diets, restrictive plans, or fear.


  • Together, we will develop a Personalized Food Skills and Fitness Plan based on your unique circumstances, food preferences, sensitivities, values, and goals.


  • At all times, you will be put in the driver's seat and Progress at a pace that works best for you. 




Rigid Meal Plans​


Fad Diets


"Good" and "Bad" Foods

"All or Nothing"


Starting Over

go beyond...

It's time to go beyond the numbers and

start trusting yourself,

cultivate a healthy relationship with food, your body, and your life.


"I used to meticulously count calories, weigh and measure every bite of food, feel stressed and anxious about eating too much, and rely on willpower alone to manage my cravings.

Now, I focus on eating nutrient dense meals that make me feel good. I manage my stress and emotions in a healthy, productive way rather than turning to food. I know how to eat in a way that keeps me satisfied and craving free.  And I move my body every day in ways that make me feel strong and confident.

I'm stronger, more fit, more relaxed and content in my forties than I could have dreamed of being at 25.  This body needs something different now than it did then, and it's a great feeling knowing how to give myself that."

- Coach Hillari

stop dieting...

Stop spending money on

risky diet pills, cleanses,

detoxes, weight loss shakes,

and weight-loss extremes

that compromise your health.

Start taking care of you.

HH Coaching Presents:


BEYOND     the Numbers


Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Evidence Based

Skill Centered

Personal Lifestyle Coaching Can Transform Your Life

If you want six-pack abs and an obsessive lifestyle, I am not the coach for you.  If you are a woman over 40 who wants a simple approach to weight loss, nutrition, fitness and creating a healthy, active lifestyle that you love, I can help.


What kind of results can I expect?


  • Lose weight safely.

  • Reduce cravings and perpetual hunger.

  • Stop mindless eating.

  • Stop unwanted overeating.

  • Eat satisfying, nutrient dense meals that you enjoy.

  • Build exercise habits that fit your busy life.

  • Feel good in your body.

  • Let go of emotional eating, diet-cycling, and food tracking...forever.

My clients get results.  They happier, more in control, and more consistent with their health habits than ever, without restrictive dieting.

It's never to late to change your life.  Are you ready?

Online Coaching Features:


  • Email or Phone Based Coaching Options 

  • Free Initial Consultation 

  • Comprehensive Assessment 

  • Personalized Food Skills & Fitness Tracker

  • Weekly Email Check-In

  • Progress Tracking and Non-Scale Victories

  • Video and Written Lessons

  • Email and Messenger Access to your Coach

  • Accountability and Encouragement 

  • Troubleshooting and Education


Book a Free Consultation today to learn more. 

No obligation, no pressure.

"I'm not sure this will work for me."

Of course you’re not sure, you haven’t tried it yet.

It’s only natural that you would feel uncertain about investing in a program that feels... different.  What I can tell you is that the tools provided are evidence based, backed up by science, proven to work, and safe.  


Here's what some have had to say in a recent anonymous client satisfaction survey:


  • "Personal check-ins via email and Facebook messenger were useful to me."

  • "Since participating in the program I have learned to listen to my body better, am more aware of my body's cues, and I'm eating regular meals instead of snacking."

  • "I had no idea how to lose weight long term. This was eye opening and really made sense."

  • "Plenty of tools to help me reach my goals, and good material and education."

  • "I think your program is spot on."


You have nothing to lose. This program is designed to help you gain confidence, make changes to your lifestyle that fit YOUR personal values and needs, lose weight (if weight loss is a goal), learn how to stop dieting and fuel your body and mind so you feel awesome!

"How long will it take to lose weight?"


  • That depends on you.  This is not a quick fix, and every body is different.  Your results will depend on how consistently you apply what you learn, as well as how to best balance your weight loss goals with your other life goals. 

  • For weight loss, we aim for a modest calorie deficit through sustainable dietary change and an increase in physical activity.  Optimally clients will lose 1/2 to 1-2 pounds per week.

  • Clients notice the best results when they are fully committed, ready, and willing to make meaningful change and be consistent. 


Side Effects Include:

  • Less anxiety about food, hunger and cravings.

  • Better relationship with food and your body.

  • Improved Self-Awareness.

  • Confidence that the goals you set are the right ones for you.


This approach often improves well-being to such a degree that my clients forget about dieting all together, and instead focus on living healthy, active, and flexible lives that they love.

If you've tried everything and are still frustrated with your weight, your health, or your relationship with food and fitness, I can help.  

It's never too late to change your life.  Are you ready?  Click the link below to get started.