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10 Simple Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind

Google the word "strength exercises" and you'll get no less than 35 million search results pertaining to physical strength training, weight loss, and my favorite, "toning."

Information on gaining physical strength is prolific, and often superficial.

Google "mental strength," and you'll get over 112 million search results, which just goes to show that while many people are looking for ways to improve their health, lose weight, and get stronger, many more are searching for meaning in their lives.

One of my goals with my business and this blog is to bring a little brightness to the world.

To offer a degree of meaning to what might otherwise be thought of as mere vanity.

Although there will be times when I fail, please know that my aim is to encourage, upbuild, and share useful information to help others find a bit of joy and purpose on their journey to better health.

Here are my Ten Simple Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind:

1) Keep a daily gratitude journal.

2) Write a series of positive affirmations just for you.

3) Be on the lookout for opportunities to give back to your community.

4) When you hear yourself say "I can't," replace it with "What CAN I do?"

5) Practice listening more and talking less. (Yes I see the irony here).

6) When you fail, remind yourself that you are 1 step closer to success.

7) Seek peace, not victory.

8) Challenge your old ways of thinking, and be willing to consider new ones.

9) Look for the solution. Not at the predicament.

10) Get clear on your core values, and hold to them.



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