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Is "FITNESS" a trivial pursuit? 

We live at a time when there is more information available than ever, right in the palm of our hand. And yet many people wonder about the solutions to life's big problems like the climate crisis, broken government, corruption, and human suffering.

In the big picture of life, "fitness" seems trivial.

When I think about the real problems that people face it's hard to figure out where healthy eating and exercise fit in. Like, why are bothering to go to the gym when Australia is literally on fire???

But then I remember, the problems we face make it even more important to focus on what really matters.

For me, that's things like raising responsible children, being an ethical business person, maintaining a strong marriage and spiritual life, and being a force for good in my community.

And I can be that person more effectively when I'm well rested, well fed, and not self-sabotaging with emotional eating or numbing out so I don't have to care.

While I don't personally have the power to extinguish the world's fires, I do have the power to keep my own life from burning down around me.

I'm not here for six-pack abs, quick-fix weight loss, or making people "look fit." I'm here to facilitate meaningful change in matters of food, fitness, and well-being that benefit one's life as a whole.

My 2020 hybrid program is open now. With in-person classes, at home workouts, and my unique values-led, skill based, online weight loss coaching, you'll have everything you need to build sustainable exercise habits, and make choices about food, fitness, and healthy living that help you live the life YOU want live.

I'm here. You in?

hillari herrador

Puyallup, WA