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If you've decided that weight loss is an important goal for you, there are a handful of ways you can go about it.

Let's start with the sane way.


When choosing a weight loss program, look for one that offers a sustainable solution to gradually change your eating habits over time.

Pursue goals that feel "right" to you and allow for flexibility. Don't try to force yourself into a diet that looks good on paper but simply doesn't fit your reality. The program should work for you, not the other way around. If it doesn't, get a new program!

Change can be uncomfortable. If the changes you are making feel a bit uncomfortable at first, give it time, then adjust until you find that "sweet spot" between lifestyle changes that get results and pushing yourself too far.

If you're losing sleep or feeling anxious over your diet, that's a clear sign that you're heading in the wrong direction.

Your sanity is the Nubmer 1 Priority!


At the start of any new program, motivation is high and we may even feel desperate for change. We're excited to get on the road to weight loss success, get that body we always wanted, or show up for a special occassion looking our best. We attempt to take on as much as possible, as fast as possible, to speed the process along.

We think we can handle it.

But we haven't accounted for the law of diminishing returns.

Too much change too soon works against us. We become overwhelmed and aren't able to successfully balance the changes tied to our weight loss goals with our other priorities. We may notice that our social life, relationships, responsibilities or other aspects of our health and well-being begin to suffer.

Thinking that we have failed at yet another diet, we turn to the quick fix to get 'back on track.'

But short term solutions or diets that involve extreme restriction are also conterproductive and bound by that same law.

The harder we push, the more tightly we hold on, the more likely it is that the tension will become too great to sustain, and we may give up all together.

In other words, this type of dieting is in's like trying to catch the wind...

The desired results will always elude us.



1) Prioritize Well-Being

When we prioritize health over restriction and let go of unrealistic expectations, the weight will often take care of itself.

A person might find that they are actually quite happy with their current weight once they have restored a healthy relationship with food and fitness.

2) Make Peace with YOU

When we make peace with the body we have and value it, we feel impelled to care for it well and see the benefit of choosing nourishing foods, getting adequate rest, and moving in a way that feels good.

We begin to eat for pleasure rather than out of pain, and not in response to negative thoughts and feelings.

3) For Weight Loss, Start Small. Go Slow.

Focus on making small, incremental changes to your nutrition and fitness habits.

Pick one of these suggestions below, or come up with your own, and practice it for at least 2 weeks or until you find a sustainable point at which you can add something new:

  • Identify the biggest calorie contributors to your diet, and work on eating a little bit less of those foods.

  • Try eating 3 or 4 balanced, nutrient dense meals each day, instead of snacking to more easily manage hunger on a lower calorie intake.

  • Eat a few more whole foods, and a few less refined foods and high-calorie indulgences.

  • Notice which whole foods and meal combinations keep you full for a very long time. Eat more of those.

  • Notice which foods are more challenging to eat in moderation or increase your cravings. Eat them less often.

  • Practice eating more slowly to get the maximum enjoyment from each meal.

  • Experiment with eating more consistently each day of the week, instead of restricting during the week and over-eating come Friday.

For more best practices request a free copy of

Your Guide to Sustainable Weight Managment


Fat loss may be an important part of your journey, but it's not necessary to risk your health or sacrifice your happiness along the way.

My goal is to help people find a sustainable approach to weight loss and a reasonable path to better health and well-being.

Don’t waste another minute putting off making positive changes in your life because the goal seems too far off, too impossible to reach.

You might need a new goal.

Happiness, joy, respecting this gift we call life sounds like a perfectly sane goal to me.

How ‘bout we start there?



hillari herrador

Puyallup, WA