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Are Your Beliefs About Food Hindering Your Weight Loss?

What do you believe?

Often times our it's beliefs about food that get in the way reaching our weight related and health goals.

Our beliefs about what counts as "food," whether or not a certain food will be enough to satisfy us, whether or not we'll get too hungry, what we need to deprive ourselves of in order to lose weight weight...all of these beliefs inform our behavior...

And it's our behavior, our choices about what, when and how much we eat, that ultimately determines whether we gain, lose, or maintain our weight.

It's totally uncessesary to punish ourselves with food in the name of weight loss.

When we consistently choose nutrient dense foods that taste good, that look good, that fuel our body, and that we enjoy, we naturally want to keep doing that because it feels good. We derive pleasure from that behavior, a reward, and we benefit from it.

When we consistently avoid eating nutrient dense foods and balanced meals because we *believe* that vegetables are not "food," or we *believe* that this "won't keep me full," or because we associate certain meals with dieting, we get in our own way of making the transition to eating balanced meals and whole foods as a lifestyle.

What helps?

  • Make the food taste good.

  • Make the food look good.

  • Treat it like FOOD. Sit down at a table and enjoy it as a meal.

Then be done with food and go live your life.

When you find a way to make nourishing, balanced meals feel so good to you that you can't wait to eat the next one, you've taken a huge leap forward.

Break free from the trap of the dieter's mindset and pursue food freedom. It IS possible!



hillari herrador

Puyallup, WA