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M&Ms Won’t Fix a Broken Ankle, and You Can’t Eat a Motivational Quote.

In today’s stressful, anxiety ridden world, we may find ourselves so swept up in the pace of daily living that many of us have completely lost touch with ourselves.

As a consequence, we learn to ignore important physical cues that body is giving us, often to the detriment of our health.

We eat in a rush or skip meals all together. We eat too much too fast, or not enough at one time and end up overeating later becuase we're stressed and hangry!

And, many of us are all too familiar with the trap of using food to soothe boredom, overwhelm, nervousness and stress, or eating purely for the entertainment value.

But, there is good news!

We can become reacquainted with our hunger and satiety cues, and learn to eat mindfully, without using extreme dieting tactics to lose weight.

As we master this skill, we are better able to determine when we feel full, making it possible to avoid overeating, while still eating enough to support our individual energy needs.

It is not necessary to eliminate entire categories of food, swear off our favorite foods forever, or feel that we have to decline special meal times with our loved ones out of fear. No more “cheat meals,” no more being “on” or “off” a diet.

Becoming a mindful eater can help you to break free from the dieter’s mindset, and enjoy a life with the foods you love, free from guilt or shame.


hillari herrador

Puyallup, WA