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for Women

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You Deserve This

You deserve to look at feel better than ever.

Aren't you tired of the usual fitness industry trends that focus solely on calorie and macro tracking, willpower, and working out as hard as possible to get results?

So am I, and so I are my clients. 

If you're anything like us, you've found that once you hit a certain stage of life, "looking fit" becomes less of a priority, and being fit becomes far more important. We recognize that fitness goes beyond the physical.


Being fit for life means that in addition to physical health and fitness, we posses the

qualities and character strengths that allow us to overcome the obstacles that prevent many women from reaching their goals, and thrive as individuals. 

That's why I developed this program.


Get Fit, for Life! is a fitness and life skills program designed to: 

  • Give you the tools and confidence to make healthy eating choices without dieting

  • Balance your health and fitness goals with other life priorities 

  • Overcome stress eating & self-sabotage

  • Empower you to be strong, fit, and move well as you age

  • Transform your body according to your goals and life priorities


And the best part is you won't have to commit hours of time,  follow a restrictive diet, or join a gym to do it.

You can improve your fitness across all aspects of life.


It would be pleasure to show you how.



Overcome obstacles and

make changes that last with personalized guidance

and weekly check-ins.






Show up and get stronger when you

join LIVE Group Training Sessions

from the comfort of home.







Get off the diet rollercoaster and learn

how to transform your health habits

with skills you can use for life.






Join the Pre-Enrollment List

Get on the list to be notified membership enrollment opens.

Hi, I'm hillari

For years I struggled with dieting, emotional eating, weight regain, and felt desperate to change my body. I know what it's like to feel out of control with food, trapped, and overwhelmed. I know what it's like to want something different and not not know how to get it.

That's why I developed Get Fit, for Life!

To help women like you to reclaim their health and discover how strong, fit, and powerful they can be now and in the years to come.


  • Our value goes beyond external appearance.

  • Good health is a privilege worth protecting.

  • We deserve lasting transformation, not fleeting results.

  • True meaning and fulfillment comes from doing work that you love and enjoying every moment of it, not striving after elusive and unrealistic goals.


With Hillari's decades of experience mentoring women 

and rare ability to bring out the best in others, you can effectively

change your health habits, for life.


client experiences

I have a healthier relationship with food, I can acknowledge thoughts and sometimes move past them rather than allowing them to derail me from my larger goal.

I learned that I am stronger than I think I am. That exercise and nutrition can be added into my schedule, but not take it over or feel overwhelming.

When I think of a health coach I think rigid exercise and eating plans...neither of which work for me. Your philosophies  work with my personality and way of life.

Hillari is thoughtful in all aspects. She can zero in and put together a plan    that makes you feel successful 

  The Workouts

a fresh take on fitness

Using a fusion of traditional strength training, mat Pilates, and bodyweight exercise this Total Body Training system gives you a clear path for getting strong, lean, and toned without hard core, back-to-back workouts.

  • Harder than Barre, Easier than Crossfit

  • Build a TRULY Stronger Body

  • Workout from the comfort of home

  • Slow Age-Related Physical Decline

  • Interact with a Certified Personal Trainer in REAL TIME

  • Get in Better Shape than You've Been in Years!

more about weight loss skills

ditch the diet already

Food rules, restriction, unsustainable eating protocols, and unrealistic expectations for perfect adherence are what keeps people stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage and starting over.

It's time to let that go.


Instead of using out-dated tactics (that we know don't work long-term), Get Fit, for Life! employs cutting edge methods for weight loss through personal growth and positive health behavior change.


You'll develop the skills needed be flexible, without enabling unwanted behavior, and work toward a sustainable balance that will help you lose weight, and keep it off, for life.

The Get Fit, for Life! Skill Set will help you to:

  • Motivate Yourself, Even When It's Uncomfortable 

  • Break Free from Harsh Self-Criticism and Shame

  • Overcome Deeply Entrenched Patterns that You Want to Break

  • Navigate Trouble Foods, Social Situations, Thoughts & Feelings 

  • Be More Consistent with Healthy Eating than You've Ever Been Before


With guidance and direction from a mentor who specializes in behavior change and women’s health you'll gain access to a powerful process for making positive changes to your lifestyle that fully align with your cherished values and the kind of person you want to be.

Join the Pre-Enrollment List

Get on the list to be notified membership enrollment opens.


Q: Am I too old for this?

A: No

This program is designed for women in their 30s to 50s who struggle with losing weight and keeping it off and want a program that can be modified to their ability. For advanced athletes or individuals with sport specific athletic goals I recommend seeking out a reputable coach with that specialty.

Q: I have limited equipment. What do I need to participate?

A: Dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own bodyweight are all that's needed.

Included is a step-by-step through the process of setting up your home gym space, making it comfortable, and selecting the right equipment for your budget and ability.

Q: How is the Virtual Coaching Delivered?

A: Through Zoom, email, and printed materials.

The program is set up for you to work at your own pace, in a coach supported forum. You'll integrate the weight loss skills and the workouts on your own with support from your coach via email. Web conferencing using Zoom is used for live coaching and workouts, well as one-to-one video calls, so a stable internet connection, webcam, and microphone are needed.

Q: How much time will this take?

A: 2 to 3 Hours Per Week

There is no requirement to participate more than what your time and interest allows. Workouts and meetings are recorded and made available to save you time. Clients who get the best results are those that attend at least 1 live session each week and complete the recommended number of workouts each week on their own time.

Q: I don't like to exercise/I have physical limitations.

A: The right program makes all the difference.

As we age, exercise can feel even more challenging. Joint pain, stiffness, and low energy are common reasons why many women opt out of exercise all together. The Get Fit, for Life! workout formula takes that into account. The program is for women who are either beginning or resuming exercise after a time away and benefit from low-impact training and less intense workouts that feel challenging yet "doable."


Since you'll be working with a personal trainer and not going it alone you'll have access to help with personalized modifications that fit your body type and ability so you can get the most out of each session and feel confident about what you're doing.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the program you may cancel with no further billing. There is no guarantee of weight loss or fitness improvement. 

Q: What if I need more personalized help?

A: Private Coaching is available.

Should you decide at any point in time that the coaching in the group is not specific enough to your personal situation, you may upgrade to private coaching. Rates and availability vary. 

Q: How much weight will I lose?

A: That depends.

I'd love to sell a promise of "X pounds in X days," because I know that's what you want to hear. But as a person of integrity I know this promise would be a lie. Every aspect of this program is designed to give you the best possible change of losing weight safely, and the skills you will learn are designed to keep it off.  Individual results vary.

Q:  I'm don't feel motivated to eat healthy. I've joined so many programs and I never stick with it. What's different about this?

A: The right coach makes all the difference.

It's natural to think that we need to wait for motivation to exercise, especially when we think that it will be uncomfortable. Get Fit, for Life! is led by a supportive, active aging Certified Personal Trainer. 



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