3 Month Group Coaching

3 Month Online Group Coaching 

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Join me and a group of like-minded women for a 3 month journey to better health.

Using a series of skill based lessons delivered via webinar and email you will learn the the common pitfalls of traditional dieting and how to overcome them.   This program is designed to help you grasp the basics of healthy eating and regular at home exercise and build healthy habits that you can stick with for life.


  • Learn how to create your own meal plan, eat balanced meals, honor your internal hunger signals, and save time with daily process goals. 


At the end of the program you will know how to:

  • Use meal timing to manage hunger and calorie intake.

  • Eat more satisfying and enjoyable meals.

  • Improve the quality of your diet for better health.

  • Curb overeating while making room for indulgences.

  • Get regular exercise using simple at home workouts.

  • Find a balance between life goals and weight loss.

How does it work? 

  • New concepts will be introduced every other week via webinar and email.

  • Instructions will be provided to help you implement each new skill.

  • A free, private Facebook community is available to post questions, discuss and support you along the way.

  • You will have access to your coach via Facebook Messenger or Email to answer any questions you may have.

hillari herrador

Puyallup, WA